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"The opposite of a straight jacket!" *badum tss*

so evidently there’s a snowstorm headed this way thursday morning, which was when myself and my partner in crime Jackie were supposed to pile into my car and drive 8 hours to baltimore for katsucon BUT thanks to a change in plans, we can now leave as soon as I get out of work tomorrow to avoid getting caught in the storm. Which means I have to pack and get everything ready tonight.

And yet here I am

drawing some gays

in aoba’s gay jacket

i need to be stopped


TRACK NAME: Koujaku's Unrequited Love



Dmmd: expectations vs. reality



freckled jesus

When Hanji meets the POTATO GIRL!!!! okay the world meets its DOOMSDAY…ahahaha!!

Thanks to MistressChi for the photo xD


LeviHan <3

haha…making some ballroom dancin xD

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Crazy Hanji is CRAZY!!!!! I really REALLY love how it goes…

And yeah It’s my first time to do SNK Cosplay… I wanted to do more of these next event with my lovey dovey friend MistressChi :3

Thank you so much guys…I can’t do this without you xD


LeviHan: Height Doesn’t Matter <3

thank you MistressCi for the photo :3





Dub! Vector (for now, anyway)

Have fun sleeping after this



Vector’s 4KIDS Version? Okay CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! we’re all SCREWED….

Did you say..
Shingeki No kyojin fandom: Titans?
Free! Fandom: Water?
Karneval Fandom: Homos?
Dangan Ronpa fandom: Despair?
K fandom: Sarumi?
No.6 fandom: bees?
Katkeyo Hitman Reborn fandom: Mafia?
Kuroko no Basuke fandom: Basketball?
Persona 3 fandom: Shadows?
Fullmetal Alchemist fandom: Philospher's Stone?
Ao no Exorcist fandom: Kill Satan?
Homestuck fandom: We're going to die?
Supernatural fandom: Castiel?
Bleach fandom: Bankai?
Pandora Hearts fandom: New Retrace?
D.Gray-man fandom: Exorcists?
DRAMAtical Murder fandom: Baa-chan?
Kuroshitsuj fandomi: Butlers ?
Inu x Boku SS fandom: Secret Service?
Hetalia fandom: Pasta?
Another fandom: The "another" one?
Soul Eater fandom: Kishin?
Fairy Tail fandom: Dragons?
Death Note fandom: Shinigami?
Durarara!! fandom: Izaya?
Highschool Of The Dead/Sankarea fandom: Zombies?
Uta no Prince-sama fandom: Idol?
Blood Lad fandom: Humans?
Sherlock: John?
Marblehornets fandom: Jam? Hoody?
Tribetwelve fandom: Fuuuuck?!
EverymanHYBRID fandom: HABIT made me do it?
Tron Uprising: Season 2?
Homestuck: Update?
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Cardgames?
ZeXal Fandom: Numbers?
Shiki | Vampire Knight : Vampires?
Meitantei Conan: Detective?
feel free to add your own
Even weather can change (Flowership)

Note: I do not own any of the characters. All characters are belong to YuGiOh Zexal. I’m not really good at writing so you may encounter errors heheh. I just give myself a try…

Just like as his daily routine

He gave Kotori a flower as she came by…

Then he decided to ask her out on weekend

“Kotori-san are you free tomorrow?”

“Ummm I don’t know…maybe? Why?”

“That’s great! Ummm I want you to meet tomorrow at the park. Let’s see ummm yeah! At 1 pm

I’ll be waiting there…see ya!!!!”

“Bu-but, wait! Arito-kun!”


“Oh, so you would really go?” Yuma asked

“Umm I don’t know. Besides I didn’t promise anything to him”

She seems annoyed and confuse…

Then the next day came…

Alit was pacing back and forth wearing long red sleeves

And a white slack pants and shoes

Nervously and yet too excited about their so-called “date”

Not too far from him was Gilag


“Hey Arito, are you sure that girl will come?”

“What are you talking about? Of course she is!

Just wait and see…”

“Tsk! I’m leaving!”

“Oi! Gilag! Why?!”

“I rather have to find Tsukumo Yuma and get his numbers than to watch this stupid love of yours”

“Or maybe you’re just jealous coz you’re not too lucky like me…” *smirk*

“Shut up!”

Then the bigger guy leave Alit alone…

Kotori went outside. Then she met Rio…


“So, Kotori-san ready to go?”

“Umm…yeah sure! Oh I thought you were with your brother?”

“Yeah…but he said he’s not interested to go with us. He hates shopping. He rather have to go somewhere than with his own sister.

Anyway I just discovered a new boutique from a nearby town wanna go check it? That’s gonna be so fun don’t you think?”

“Yeah I think so let’s go then Rio-san.”

The two walk together and talk much stuff

As on their way Kotori just see news from TV from an appliance shop


WEATHER FORECAST: we will be experience a rain shower this coming afternoon so please advice to bring your rain coat or umbrella… (Sorry I’m not that good at forecasting)


Then Kotori shook her head…the long haired ask… “Oh Kotori-san, is there something wrong? You seemed unwell.”

“Uh no I’m… I’m fine so let’s go?”


“Why am I feeling so bad about this? I didn’t promise him, so maybe he’s just got tired of waiting and go away.”

The green haired girl just said to herself.

Fifteen minutes before one the tan skinned boy looking at the clock …preparing all the things he needs to say as well as the beautiful bouquet he brought


“Oh…it almost time I wonder if she’s already here…

Anyway I have to make myself ready and prepare my counter punches so that I could finally get her heart.”

The girls just take a break after they took themselves shopping.

“Hmmmmm…This day was so great!!”

The ice queen notices that she wasn’t give her attention and rather looking somewhere.

“Is there something wrong? Hey Kotori-san.”

“Oh, ah?! What is it again? Sorry…”

“You seem unwell since this morning. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m fine I’m fine do-don’t worry”

“Uhm okay…oh! Have you seen that shop? Wanna go check later?”

“Uhm su-sure!” She nodded.

The sky was starting to dim…it almost half hour past 2 in the afternoon…the boy seemed worried coz the girl hasn’t showed up


“I wonder why she takes too long…oh! I know! Maybe she’s still preparing herself. I heard female humans take long preparing themselves”

Trying to cheer himself up.

“I’m sorry if I keep you waiting.”

The boy shook his head upon hearing this.


He then saw a girl was talking to someone. But it’s not Kotori. Sadly he feels frustrated and he returns from where he was.

The flashes of lighting are showing and the sounds of thunder echoing sign that the rain was coming.

Then the little raindrops suddenly became huge drops of water from the sky.

“Oh man!” The boy complained. Even the sky wasn’t favor to him.

“I got to look somewhere to hide…but if I left here how about Kotori-san? If she comes here she won’t be able to see me. No I have to stay here… it’s just a stupid rain anyway.”

Kotori was staring out of the window worrying.

“He maybe just left the rain seems won’t stop.”

“I’ll be waiting there… see ya!!”

She feels chilled upon her spine. She feels somehow guilty that she didn’t come.

“I know by this time he already left…but, why do I still feel uncomfortable? Maybe I’ll just go check him. Ju-just to make sure…”

“Kotori-san? Where are you going?”
”I-I’m sorry Rio-san but I have to go. The-there is something I need to do. Uhm uh… See ya!”

“Eh?! Hey! Don’t leave me here!! Ko-kotori-san?! Oh geez…how am I supposed to carry all of these?!”

“Forgive me Rio-san but I just want to make sure… I just want to make sure that he already leaves…”

She ran all the way to the park…She ran as fast as she could…

When she did make it…She searched the place

She look around she didn’t see anyone. She finally feels relived

“Maybe he finally realized. Maybe it is better if I didn’t come here anyway…”

“You came…you really did!!”


“Kotori-san I am so glad!!”

“How, why? Why are you still here?”

“It’s because I’m waiting for you!” He smiled happily

“Are you-are you out of your mind? What if I didn’t come here? You’ll just stay here forever?”

“But you are here, right? Oh! uh…Before I forgot…”

He kneaded one of his feet and gave the bouquet of fresh roses to the girl.

“I’m sorry if all of them are drenched. But they are all beautiful but not as beautiful as you are o-of course!”

She doesn’t know how to react…she will be happy for his stupidity or not?

He stood up. “Don’t you like them?”

He seems confuse

“Uh of course…I- I love them… I really love them… Thank you.”

He feels relived finally he got her attention…that would be the best day of his life!

“Yokatta…Dono arigato Kotori-san… Uh-“

But then his body feels weak. He feels numb and shaking. Well he doesn’t actually get sick so easily…but maybe because he almost feel sad and worry about her that she may never come plus this bad weather.

“A-arito-kun! What’s wrong?! Oh no! Your forehead it’s too hot!!”

“I’m sorry Kotori-san. But do-don’t worry, I-I’ll be fine.”

“No, we have to do something! Oh dear, what have I done?”

The lad fell on the ground unconscious.

“Oh thank goodness it’s just a little fever…”

“Oba-chan will he be alright?”

“Don’t worry dear I think your friend is strong he could make it…”

“It’s it’s all my fault. Oba-chan is it okay if I stay with him?”

“Oh, don’t blame yourself…it’s alright my dear…”

“Thank you Oba-chan.”

The girl slowly enters the room and then she sits next to Alit…

He was sleeping peacefully

She gently touched his forehead. And it seems that it went down his temperature a bit. And she’s really glad.

She gently holds his hand. Her thumbs are rubbing the back of his palm. Then teardrops are starting run down to her cheeks

“I’m sorry Arito-kun. This is all my fault.

You did all of these just for me. And yet I didn’t appreciate it… Just because of my selfishness.

How I wish there’s something I could do for you…”

Then she turned her view to those roses that he gave to her…

“I may not give you my heart for now…”

Slowly she gently kisses his forehead

“But we’ll see…Even weather can change…”



He is supposedly french so it makes sense